Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rain, wind, more rain, and Christmas trees

Big rains in SoCal. My motorcycle was the only one in the parking garage, looking wet and lonely (but not bedraggled!).

People pulling up next to me at a light would look at me with various expressions on their faces. Concern or incredulity, accompanied with a subconscious shaking of the head, seem to be two common reactions.

Not that long ago, if you wanted to go somewhere, you walked or rode a horse. Being warm and dry was not generally an option.

I really enjoy riding my motorcycle. It allows me to experience the elements. On an Autumn evening, some areas are warm, but you ride into the dips and it gets crips, only to warm up again as the road rises.

My BMW has a temperature monitor and I'm amazed in the Spring that I can leave my house in 60 degree weather and see temperatures from 40 to 80 degrees on a 36 mile ride. It's awesome.

I revel in the weather changes, and how you experience them on a motorcycle.

So when it rains, I ride to enjoy the weather as much as to get where I'm going - sometimes more. Traction changes, visibility changes, all sorts of new challenges rise up. Some of them come in the form of drivers who can't drive in the wet as well, of course.

When I lived in Portland, Oregon I found that I was a much, much better dry-weather rider because of all the wet-weather riding I had done. Smoother in transitions, smoother on the throttle, braking.

The wind poses its own challenges, and can also be enjoyable to ride in, even when it's blowing sideways at 40mph with gusts up to 60-70mph. Keeping the rubber underneath you can become a challenge, as does staying in your lane.

Riding a motorcycle can be an adventure. But it sure is fun.

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