Monday, December 14, 2009

Today, I am a man

Today I hit 40.

I spent 90 minutes typing up some stuff. I reread it and no way it's getting put on a blog. LOL

Here are some excerpts, I hope you enjoy them.
  • incredible joys in life. And I have a wife who loves me dearly. Who's wrinkles and silvering hair I revel in (and she hates).
  • I am incredibly fortunate to have beautiful children, both inside and out. Kids who are incredibly independant and will get what they want from the world by virtue of their pluck, their intelligence, and their unvarnished determination. I'll be there to help, to support, to cajole, to push, to hold, hug, and unconditionally love in every way I can. But, be assured, this doesn't mean I want things to be easy for them. The metal has to be tempered, but lovingly, shielded from the high heat that destroys a fine blade, but exposed to some pressure and some heat, pushed, bent, twisted. Shaped. Hardened to survive the blows but flexible to survive the shocks.
  • When I was young, adults used to tell me that trials and tribulations made the man, tempered the steel. Now that I'm not as young, I see it differently. Like a piece of fine high carbon steel, some heat and pressure is needed to form, shape, and strengthen the metal - to increase one's mettle as it were. I like that turn of phrase. No, it's not intended as a pun.

    But add too much heat, and the metal becomes fragile. The analogy of metal doesn't work once you get to this point. I imagine a big snowball, packed tightly with fresh snow. Trials come in the form of a heat lamp - the sun is too benign -  melting and eroding away the soft, suppleness that makes that snowball resilient. Over time, some of the soft snow which doesn't melt away becomes brittle, hard. Soon all that's left is brittle ice, which crumbles when you push on it, unable to take any pressure.
  • I also learned about Social Proof before I knew what it was called. You become what people expect of you, regardless of your internal bent.

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  1. Happy, happy birthday Eric. I hope it is a good one. I miss working with you and visiting with your family. I can't believe it's been so long since you moved south. Best wishes to you and yours.