Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swapped on a new front tire on the K1200S today

Finally. I’ve been trying to get to this all week and it was getting thinner than I liked. I bailed doing it over last weekend due to work and the exhaustion of a day closing at 4:30AM followed by another long day starting at 7AM.

I couldn’t find the energy to get to it Monday night after work either, so took it easy going to work the next 2 days. Truck’s in the shop getting an engine, and the Husky has a flat/toasted rear.

It went pretty well, took about an hour from start to finish as I puttered through the process. I didn’t want to dawdle, but I had to figure out how to use the Pit Bull stand, and how the front end came apart. I’ll need a tool for the axle nut next time. I used a bolt/nut combo this time, and while it worked, it was not optimal. :)

I need one of these:

The front wheel is pretty grungy, I’ll have to clean that up better next time.

I’m getting pretty good with the NoMar, but after my first marathon event changing a tire, I’m still incredibly wary. If my first change had gone like either of my last two, I’d be loving the machine. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well.

Got totally lucky, the front tire balanced nearly dead on with the old weights. Whee!
Swapped on a set of Diablo Supersports I got from CycleGear for $199 (vs $199 just for the rear Z6). I’m liking the rear, it seems to track better than the Z6 in the corners. Look to see how the front does tomorrow.

We’ll see how they do on wear. I’m expecting about 2/3 the miles I see with the Z6. Hope I’m right or low!
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