Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cleveland Forest’s Skyline Gate

From ADVRider, language cleaned up a tad.

I know a lot of people don't usually ride that far and that stupid gate used to confuse the heck out of me too.
Here are some bullet points:

• Skyline is not like the other gates
• It is maintained by Riverside County
• It is supposed to remain locked at all times
• A locked Skyline gate does not mean the trail is closed
• You can obtain a key for a $100 refundable deposit
• Often people will leave the gate unlocked
• Even when the gate is closed it is sometimes unlocked
• Sometimes someone with a key will be at the gate and let you through
• Sometimes you get to the gate, it's locked, nobody has a key and you have to turn back
• There are gates at both the top and bottom of the trail
• The top gate is only locked if the trail is closed
• Skyline gate is about 4 miles from the 91 and about the same from the 15
• Skyline gate to Hell's Kitchen via Main Divide is the longest stretch of dirt in that section of the forest at about 40 miles
• Skyline gate is very well barricaded and very difficult to go around
• In a pinch, the pedestrian gate is passable if you are resourceful
• If your bike looks like mine you could always lay it on the ground and drag it under the gate
• If you ride to Skyline gate from either direction and don't have a key, be prepared to turn around and find a different way.
Here are some bonuses brought to you by others
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