Sunday, January 10, 2010

500 miles on a bike? Insane? Nope, relaxing...

My company's home office is in San Francisco, while I'm in San Diego. Every once in a while I need to run up to the main office for a variety of excellent reasons. I never mind the travel, it's part of the gig.

If I'm going to be up there more than a day or two, tho, I much prefer to ride my BMW up there. It saves the company money, and it definitely gets me a chance to relax on the bike.

Last Sunday was a madhouse on I5 going up there, however. Keeping a 70mph average was tough with all those holiday-drivers clumping up. 10-12 cars clumped together, and a mile of empty highway ahead of them. Days like that, being on a bike is awesome.

The ride back was much better, except for the 30 or so miles of deep fog. Whee! Otherwise, it was a great ride. Well, as great as 400 miles of slab can be, anyways!!

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